Financial Literacy

Financial literacy and Education builds understanding about money, how it really works in the world .It makes people capable to take their financial decisions. Financial literacy and education not only enrich the life of the individual but also contributes in healthy economic growth in the society. The absence of financial literacy can lead to making poor financial decisions that can have adverse effects on the financial health of an individual. it is important for people of any age group belonging to any country. But in developing countries like, our India it must be included into our education curriculum. According to Census Survey of 2011 India’s adult Literacy rate stands at around 74%. However, when it comes to adult financial literacy it scores a poor 24%, according to a global survey conducted by rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P). India has the lowest financial literacy rate among the BRICS Nations. So Shri Money Managers has decided to nurture financial wisdom in society through Financial Literacy Program which is named as “ARTH-MANTRAM”.

We have categorised our ‘ARTH-MANTRAM’ mainly into these categories.

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