Comprehensive Financial Planning

A process that allows you to focus on all of your goals and provides you with direction on how to help achieve them.This process involves sitting down with a qualified professional like CFP who will help you to get the answer of very basic questions:
• What are your financial and life goals?
• Where are you today in relation to your goals?
• How will you get from where you are today, to your goals?

After defining your desired goals we,
• Prepare a report showing you whether you are on track to help meet your goals
• Provide you recommendations to help you achieve your goals
• Monitor your progress and suggest changes in your strategy as time to time according to circumstances.
The whole process comes under comprehensive financial planning.

Rerirement planning

Every person wants to live his/her retirement life peacefully. To live well in retirement, he/she needs a good retirement corpus but it can not only fulfilled solely by a company pension plan or money into saving account. A proper planning is needed which is called Retirement planning. It is process of analysing need of retirement corpus, which varies person to person and make plan to achieve the goal according basic objective of you like Post retirement Lifestyle, Health care, Regular Income, Wealth transfer etc.. A qualified professional like CFPs can help you by applying his/her knowledge and skills.

Goal based Investment Planning

Each person has a continuum of goals he or she would like to accomplish,If we talk about financial goals it may be-
• Buying a new house,
• Buying a new Car,
• Child Education,
• Daughter's Marriage,
• Buying a new Car,
• Vacation trips, and many more

But Is it possible to fulfill these goal over the night? Of-course not, We should have to apply gradual process achievement of these goals along with dedication, determination and right direction towards the goals. Now goal based financial planning is beat way to achieve your specific financial goal.

Tax planning

Tax planning is a way by which financial professional like CFPs help their clients to reduce tax liability by taking full advantage of all Exemptions, Deductions, Rebate and Reliefs allowed by Law provided by our government.

Risk Analysis and insurance planning

Insurance is risk compensation mechanism, which is primary tool for personal finance. Suppose a family has a single earning person, who is backbone for financial need of all family members. After his/her early death, who will take care of his/her family needs? If he/she has done planned well about Insurance then it’s good otherwise family will suffer due to insufficient fund. A qualified professional like CFPs can analysis Risk and advice adequate insurance accordingly.

Tax & Legal Advisory

Our dedicated team consist of financial planner as well as Tax and Legal advisers .We support individual clients,families, business traders and professional services firms. Our Tax and Legal advisers are here to support you in –
• Estate planning and Will Writing
• Income Tax
• Service Tax
• Sales Tax / VAT Consultancy
• Accounting Services
• Company Law Services
• Company / Firm Registration
• Financial / Loan Consultancy
• Pan Card / TAN / E-TDS
• Sales Tax – VAT, CST
• Service Tax Registration
• Shop Act Consultancy
• Mortgage Deed
• Partnership Deed

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